Monroe Arrests and Warrants (2024)

Monroe, Georgia Crime Rates and Statistics:

In 2016, the crime index in Monroe was 395.4, which is higher than the United States average of 278.0. There were 147 reported crimes in Monroe; however due to the low population of the town, there are in actuality 4,680 total crimes for every 100,000 residents, a rate which is much higher than the 3,402 total crimes per 100,000 residents on average in the state of Georgia and 2,837 crimes per 100,000 citizens nationwide.
Violent crimes, which include murder, rape, robbery, assault, and robbery, occur have a rate of 828 violent crime per 100,000 residents in the city of Monroe. The average rate in the state of Georgia is 398 violent crimes per 100,000 citizens on average in the state of Georgia and the national average rate is 386 violent crimes for every 100,000 individuals. Property crimes are also higher in Monroe, with 3,852 crimes per 100,000 residents which is greater than the Georgia state average of 3,005 property crimes for every 100,000 residents and the national average of 2,341 property crimes per 100,000 citizens.

As of March 2018, there were 14 registered sex offenders living in Monroe, Georgia.

Facts about crime in Monroe, Georgia:
The overall crime rate in Monroe is 65% higher than the national average;
Monroe is safer than 7% of the cities in the United States;
In Monroe, you have a 1 in 22 chance of becoming a victim of any crime; and
The number of total year over crimes in Monroe has increased by 9%;Monroe, Georgia Police Department Address:

Monroe Police Department

116 S. Broad Street
Monroe, GA 30655
Non-Emergency Dispatch – 770-464-0310
Administration – 770-267-7576
Emergency – 911Monroe Police Dept

Other Information about the Monroe Police Department:

The Chief of the Monroe Police Department is Chief Robert Watts. He became the police chief in 2019. He can be reached by email at

In 2015, there were 34 police officers on the Monroe Police Department, making there an average of 1,000 citizens for every 2.47 officers, whereas in the same year in the state of Georgia the average was 2.49 residents for every 1,000 officers.

Open Records Request in Monroe, Georgia

For records from the Monroe Police Department:

Monroe Police Records Request

You can request records from the Walton County, Georgia County Clerk, Rhonda Hawk at or 770-267-1301.

Record requests from Walton County, Georgia:

Walton County Record Requests

County Sheriff, Warrant, Most Wanted Information in Monroe, Georgia:

The Sheriff of Walton County is Sheriff Joe Chapman. Sheriff Chapman was elected Sheriff in the year 2004 and has kept the position ever since. He can be reached at 770-267-1458 or

Walton County Sheriff’s Office
1425 South Madison Avenue
Monroe, GA 30655

Walton County Sheriff

Sex Offender Registry in Walton County:

Walton County Sex Offenders

Wade Harris is the Jail Commander of the Walton County Jail. He can be reached at 770-267-1012 or via email at

Walton County Detention Center
1425 South Madison Avenue
Monroe, GA 30655

Walton County Jail

To see a list of inmates in the Walton County Jail:

Walton County Jail Inmates

Security – The Walton County Jail takes security very seriously and inmates are allowed to have in their possession only materials which are authorized. Any other items that are either brought into the Walton County Jail or items which are inappropriate could result in prosecution of both the individual and the individual.

Visitation – Visitation is permitted with friends, family members, relatives, legal counsel and ministry. The dates and times will be posted inside of each cell and it is the inmate’s responsibility to notify visitors of the dates and times of visitation. You are allowed two members per visitation and each visitation period can last for 30 minutes. A child who is able to walk is considered to be a visitor. A valid picture ID is required when someone comes to visit (i.e. a Passport, a Driver’s License, or a State ID) and the visitor must be there at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning to the of visitation. If you are late your visit may be cut short or forfeited. If you do not comply with the instructions of the law officials your visitation privileges can be lost.

Visitors must wear appropriate clothing and are subject to search at any time. Visitors may not carry cell phones into the jail under any circ*mstances.

Visitation Schedule:
Cell 1 0800 – 0300
Cells 3 & 4 0830 – 0900
Cells 5 & 6 0900 – 0960
Cell 9 (Rooms 1-15) 1000 – 1030
Cell 9 (Rooms 16-31) 1030 – 1100
Cell 10 (Rooms 1-15) 1100 – 1130
Cell 10 (Rooms 16 – 31) 1300 – 1430
Cell 11 (Rooms 1 – 15) 1330 – 1330
Cell 11 (Rooms 16-31) 1400 – 1430
Cell 12 (Rooms 1 – 15) 1430 – 1500
Cell 12 (Rooms 16 – 31) 1500 – 1539
Work Release 1530 – 1600

Work Release 1430 – 1500
Cell 1 1500 – 1530
Cells 3 $ 4 1530 – 1600
Cells 5 & 6 1600 – 1630
Cells 7 & 8 1900 – 1930
Cell 9 (Rooms 1 – 15) 1930 – 2000
Cell 9 (Rooms 16-31) 2000 – 2030
Cell 10 (Rooms 1 – 15) 2030 – 2100
Cell 10 (Rooms 16 – 31) 2100 – 2130
Cell 11 (Rooms 1 – 15) 2130 – 2200
Cell 11 (Rooms 16 – 31) 2230 – 2300
Cell 12 (Rooms 1 – 15) 2230 – 2330
Cell 12 (Rooms 16 – 31) 2300 – 2330.

Inmate Services:
Health & Medical;
Food Services;
Legal Resources
Religious Activities;
Personal Property

Administrative Review; and
Mail Policy – some mail may be deemed unacceptable by prison authorities, especially those with p*rnographic pictures or gang activity on them. Mail such as these will not be given to the intended recipient and, if there is evidence of a crime, may be used to prosecute both the sender and the recipient of said mail. If you think that you may have a warrant out of Walton County, Georgia, you should call the Sheriff’s Department as soon as possible, at 770-267-6557.

Monroe Arrests and Warrants (2024)


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