Pet Mod - Masquerade (Slate 11 Winners!) (2024)


flareth13 said:

Pet Mod - Masquerade (Slate 11 Winners!) (1)

Pokemon: Ninetales-Alola
Type-changing Move: Ice Beam

Ninetales-Alola being able to give Aurora Veil support to mons like Emboar-Storm, Druddigon-Sharpshot or the Kleavors could end up making them too much to handle, remove Aurora Veil from its movepool.

LPBvgc said:

I am deciding to give both Koraidon and Miraidon two masks that I believe fit them well...

Pet Mod - Masquerade (Slate 11 Winners!) (2)

Pokemon: Koraidon
Type-changing Move: Collision Course

Mask Name: Winged King Mask
New Type: Flying/Dragon
New Ability: Levitate (Yeah ik it basically makes it Ability-less)
Ability when Tera'd: Aerilate
Description: So in Scarlet and Violet, Koraidon's Paradox Name is Winged King... so I see it fit that it gets a Flying Type Mask. It loses half of it's 4x weakness to fairy! But it is weak to Electro Drift, and it's ability out of Tera does NOTHING. On the positive side Aerilate boosts it's rather abysmal Normal type moves and turns them into Powerful STAB moves, imagine the Double Edge + Drain Punch Combo.

Pet Mod - Masquerade (Slate 11 Winners!) (3)

Pokemon: Miraidon
Type-changing Move:
Electro Drift

Mask Name: Iron Serpent Mask
New Type: Steel/Dragon
New Ability: Steely Spirit
Ability when Tera'd: Steel Worker
Description: Same case as Koraidon. In Scarlet and Violet, Miraidon's Paradox Name is Iron Serpent... so it is fitting for it to get a steel type mask. It finally loses that weakness towards fairy! But now Collision Course is a Problem. The abilities are basically, you want the steel type boost, or the better steel type boost?

Sorry, but due to the power level of the format, adding in Koraidon or Miraidon would shatter the meta, there isnt any way to fix these subs.

LOrd Fernado said:

Pet Mod - Masquerade (Slate 11 Winners!) (4)
Pokemon: Keldeo-Resolute
Type-changing Move: Secret Sword

Mask Name: Alloystag Mask
New Type: Water / Steel
New Ability: Sheer Heart (This Pokemon’s Sp.Atk is 1.3x, cannot be raised or lowered)
Ability when Tera'd: Magic Bounce
Description: funky offensive mon that invalidates cm sets completely until you tera. good typing but walled by the arbolivas and swampert. i think resolute form looks cooler

Mask Name: Floradeer Mask
New Type: Water / Grass
New Ability: Grassy Surge
Ability when Tera'd: Field Day (This Pokemon’s Speed is doubled when under Grassy Terrain)
Description: we already have a water / grass, but this is WAY more offensive, and provides grassy surge and field day which can sweep

resub time yay woohoo

Keldeo is already a powerful offensive mon, and most of these masks push it over the edge in terms of strenght, Alloystag gives it a LO boost with about no drawbacks, aside from not being able to set up, but it can be a very powerful wallbreaker due to its great defensive type, big movepool, and aftermentioned ability, and Floradeer has a decent defensive type, which it can use to set up some Calm Minds and Tera to get a 2x speed boost, and then sweep, or get the opposing team weakened, as it has access to Hydro Pump, Grass Sacred Sword and Ice Beam, which are an unresisted combo, and Grass Sacred Sword, when terrain-boosted, Tera-boosted, Calm Mind-boosted and with STAB becomes too much for any neutral switch-in to handle, Bulwark Buck is fine, as if its forced out at any point when it switched in for the first time, it becomes worse Keldeo for the rest of the game, change Sheer Heart from Alloystag and both Grassy Surge and Field Day from Floradeer to other non-damage boosting abilities.

Y'all have 24hrs to fix your subs.

And also...
Congratulations cyclonez_ for winning the roomtour!
1. cyclonez_
2. Tanny84k
3. Gaboswampert
4. TopicHats


Right now, the meta seems surprisingly balanced! We need more hazard removal, especially Rapid Spin, as well as some more defensive mons, but aside from that, there arent any other major flaws!

Mons that have immediatly come out as strong on the meta are set-up sweepers, like Emboar-Storm, or Druddigon-Sharpshot, which like how few hazard removers are in a meta where most mons cannot run HDB, with the hazard chip helping them sweep more easily, and mons like Kleavor-Arrowedge or Feraligatr-Irradiated can deter the opponent from wanting to clear hazards, and on the defensive side, Drifblim-Hotheaded, Corvi and Arboliva have came out as some of the more solid options, and all of these give support to their teams with hazard removal, pivoting, or setting grassy terrain.

Some other mons that seem unexplored but would like to see more of them in action would be Pory2-Zenithbug, Kingdra, which surprisingly no one used, nor mask forms nor the normal one, Swampert-Lakelurker, and Emboar-Metal and Frostbite, which were overshadowed by Storm on the tour.

And thats it! Right now we wont be buffing nor nerfing anything in particular, even when we have discussed particular mons that may need a buff, thanks to everyone who participated on the roomtour, im happy that we actually got games on the format lol.

Pet Mod - Masquerade (Slate 11 Winners!) (2024)


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